Womb Healing

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‘The return to the goddess,
for renewal in feminine source-ground
and spirit, is a vitally important aspect
of modern woman’s quest for wholeness.
We women who have succeeded in the world
are usually “daughters of the father” –
that is, well-adapted to a masculine-oriented society –
and have repudiated our full feminine instincts
and energy patterns,
just as the culture has maimed
or derogated most of them.
We need to return to and redeem
what the patriarchy has often seen
only as a dangerous threat
and called terrible mother, dragon, or witch.

The patriarchal ego of both men and women,

to earn its instinct-disciplining,
and heroic stance,
has fled from the full-scale awe of the goddess.
Or it has tried to slay her,
or at least dismember and thus depotentiate her.
But it is towards her –
and especially towards her culturally repressed aspects,
those chthonic and chaotic, ineluctable depths –
that the new individuating, yin-yang balanced ego must return
to find its matrix
and the embodied and flexible strength
to be active and vulnerable,
to stand its own ground
and still to be empathetically related to others.’

Sylvia Brinton perera

The woman’s womb has suffered suppression through generations, it’s power locked away, whilst she remained disconnected from her intuition and the deep wisdom that is an intrinsic part of her powerful feminine nature, since thousands of years. This disconnection from the womb has left her competing in a “man’s world”- uninspired, drained, suffering severe blocks in her life, work and/or relationships with others, and most important of all, her relationship to her own sacred physical body, her feminine spirit, and the Self.

The Womb Space, whether a woman has a physical uterus or not and whether she has her moon cycle or not, is a woman’s energetic portal.

In order to be able to co-create and live an inspired life full of health and vitality in your personal life, professional life and relationships, it is important that the womb space is clear and vitalised.

Authoritarian upbringing, shaming the body, heart-breaks, divorces, sexual abuse, critical way of social conditioning and various false belief programs block and drain the womb space of its vital essence.

Womb Healing is a gentle healing process that helps clear out any stagnant, discordant energies, past traumas, clear discordant energies from past relationships, to bring you back to more centredness within yourself; so that you are able to co-create and live a life that is filled with inspiration, great health, and an awakening flow of your intuitive and creative powers.

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Womb Healing

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