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My Story

The path that broke me down
is the path that woke me up…

We are here for the wisdom of the lessons, and if you looked at your life so far, you will notice that the things that “didn’t work out” were blessings in disguise, leading you to the palace of wisdom to embrace the things that you were destined to love…

ॐ ह्रीं नमः शिवाय

Om Hrīṃ Namaḥ Śivāya

My journey, so far, has been that of a wounded healer.

Feeling “different” since I was a child, I was born claircognizant, clairvoyant and clairsentient. These intuitive abilities, including singing, are gifts from my maternal lineage passed down to me.

I have always been artistic and a free-thinker.

Growing up in India with huge questions about the educational, heirarchical and patriarchal systems, I loved observing and exploring questions within myself about the many different inner and outer realities of human-beings, the afterlife, how we treat each other, animals and Mother Earth.

Since I was a child, I have had a deep love for nature and took all opportunities I could to help animals and birds in my neighbourhood and wherever I went. I connected with nature telepathically.

I was always interested in the human mind and the mystical aspects of life since I was very young.

I also painted a lot, wrote poetry and sang, learning Hindustani classical singing from the age of 7 until the age of 15 with the encouragement of my mother.

Having gifts and sensitivities that were not part of any curriculum in school, or teachings in our day-to-day world and hence not nourished or supported, didn’t help with understanding that I was very empathic and intuitive, and all the ‘uncomfortable feelings’, ‘strange visions’ and ‘scary thoughts’ were my unacknowledged and repressed ability to tap into people’s subconscious patterns and sense the world intuitively. 

I pushed these abilities away without having acknowledged them fully; and by the time I was 16, I was very depressed. Living in a household where life was a constant war put me through a lot of turmoil throughout my teenage and most of my 20s. It only made me more rebellious.
Little did I know in my teenage, that all the turmoil and rebellion were going to be my teachers and initiators, leading me onto the path I am on now.

Freedom, Growth, Truth, Love, Beauty

Although academically I studied Applied Art (BFA – Bachelor in Fine Arts), with a major in Visualisation, the marketing and advertising world made no sense to me. Creating art only to make money, to sell and advertise, to be complicit in mankind’s greed, was not aligned with my inner voice in any way; nor did I want to paint or sing to exhibit, sell and feed a market and my ego.

The stark reality seemed to me that most people were focused on making a living without knowing how to live.

I worked as a freelance content-writer and editor, but my internal world was experiencing conflict.

The upheaval in my personal life propelled me to travel around a lot of mystical places in India in my 20s, alone, with nothing and no one to fall back upon. Looking back, I see how this gave me further impetus and the perfect opportunity to study the mind-body-spirit dynamic through the myriad experiences I had in my travels, realise how multidimensional we are as human beings, break away from patriarchal and capitalist systems, delve into mystic practices, yoga and most important of all – rebuild my connection to Spirit.
Developing my own spiritual practices after many years of testing the limits of the boundaries that we are made to believe that define our “reality”.

I began to see and experience how we were failing to address  and acknowledge our emotional health and spirit in our day-to-day lives.

Each one of us has their own individual design and ways of perceiving and interacting with their inner and outer realities.

Freedom, Growth, Love, Truth and Beauty

have always been the most important navigatory points in my life.

Revelation about
My Sacred Mission & Its Beginning

After a very anxious period in my life, in 2015 I had a vision where I was told about my sacred mission, part of which involved remote healing. I didn’t really know anything about remote healing before then. Some months later, I started offering intuitive services via my Facebook Page, Whispering Realms of the Inner Sanctum, doing intuitive counselling and readings for people with the Tarot.

This was also a time I began finding various ways to heal myself. I was becoming more and more acutely aware of the erratic energies that I had allowed to dictate my life for so long. Learning all I could about various mystic and shamanic traditions across the world and weaving these together with my tarot practice, intuition and personal experiences helped with a lot of emotional clearing, and with helping other people from all over the world too.
The focus remained, as it still does, on my inner work.

of The Priestess Path

Through many years I have felt a deep, subtle calling toward the priestess path, like a remembrance.

By 2019, the calling of this path became impossible to ignore.
Compelled to look for a mentor, this quest led me to Elizabeth Wilcock, creator and initiator of The Priestess Path Lineages of Light.
I found a deep resonance and many parallels in Elizabeth’s story and my own, and felt a deep connection to her.
The truth, warrior wisdom, authenticity and presence that she embodied resonated profoundly with me.

After going through a series of rituals, transmissions and teachings, embodiment practices, womb healing and activation ceremonies, my past teachings and intuitive embodiment skills deepened in every day living.

I felt even more inspired, reassured and resolved to walk my healing path, and bring out my gifts in order to be of service toward all living beings, for our collective well-being.

Turning Poison to Medicine:
Initiation into Energy Healing

On the eighth moon of my pregnancy, I fell really ill and wouldn’t get better for weeks. My physical and emotional health went on deteriorating each day.
It didn’t feel like a usual flu (this was pre-Covid-19).

As the mysterious ways of the universe would have it, my sister-friend, asked me to get in touch with a Siberian healer, which I did.
I got better immediately after a couple of remote energy healing sessions with her.

After working with her for some moons, I asked her that she teach me what she does.
I worked with her for the next several months as she initiated me into the practice of energy medicine and thus opened my path as a Healer.

Now I walk in beauty,
beauty is before me,
beauty is behind me,
above and below me.

Traditional Navajo Prayer

If your heart feels the calling
to collaborate on a common vision,
I would love to hear from you!

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