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Intuitive Guidance is paired with Energy Healing, Energy Healing for Pets & Wildlife, Womb Healing and/or Divination.

Intuitive Guidance takes into consideration not just a dialogue of ideas and intellect, but touches upon the energetic and spiritual influences on you, your life and the query at hand.

When do you seek Intuitive Guidance

  • When you are experiencing blockages in your life, whether it is in your personal life, relationships or what you do for a living
  • When you feel like inspite of doing all the things that you thought you should do, life still doesn’t seem fulfilling
  • If you are ‘feeling down’, suffering from anxiety, negative thinking, self-sabotaging behaviours
  • If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship to your body, yourself and people closest to you
  • If you are looking for guidance that will help you the next step forward in your journey and life path

What to expect in an Intuitive Guidance session

Intuitive Guidance sessions are either online or in-person.

Each session is for 60 minutes.

Here you are free to share all that you feel like. You are in a safe space and all information shared is kept in the strictest of confidence.

This is where we explore your query further and deeper.

We explore and unravel your story as a decoding of patterns, and not as something ‘personal’, reminding you of your multidimensional nature.

You receive guidance and insights as they flow during our conversation in a sacred space, which we create either virtually or in person.

In an Intuitive Guidance session, I create a safe sacred space where you can find your connection to yourself again, where you are gently guided back home to your heart and potential…

I intuitively catch on any subconscious, genetic, physical or ancestral patterns that are causing blocks or unease in your life, helping you to gently navigate toward more conscious dialogue with your self, steps to manifest what you are meant to, activating your own capacity to be mindful to heal and transform your life.

During the session, I might share any of my own life experiences if it would help you understand and connect better to yourself to bring more clarity.

If you would like to explore your own inner sanctum after our session/s, you will be provided with guided meditations, and other protection, clearing and deepening tools and practices to further enhance your connection to your life path.

(You will find a link to some free tools at the bottom of this page.
These are made for the collective, and can be used individually.

However, during our sessions you will be given tools that are specifically crafted for your individual need.)

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Activate. Align. Embody

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Intuitive Guidance

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