Intuitive Design & Writing

Intuitive Design Visualiser & Consultant
Intuitive Content-Writer, Proof-Reader & Editor

Connecting the intuitive to the aesthetic, and the aesthetic to the practical, I help weave in the design and content of your vision into a beautiful tapestry of the sacred work that you are already doing, or are yet meant to birth into this world…

Who do I assist with designs & writing?

Having worked as a content-writer and editor and having a love for art, poetry and language, I always wondered where I could apply this knowledge…

After Earthkeeper Priestess was birthed into the world, I felt inspired to continue writing for myself and for others.

Do you have a business, or website, or are looking to create one, that is aligned with any form of healing, art, spiritually, ecologically and/or environmentally oriented work or organisations, personal practice and/or profession? And are you looking for assistance with your designs and writing? Then you are in the right place…!

I work with individuals, groups, organisations and/or communities who are committed to their vision of creating a better, sustainable, healed and beautiful world.

How do we work together?

I love to design and write for a vision that is not just making our world beautiful,
but something that also imparts and shares a conscious way of living.

Does this sound like your vision?

I love understanding your personality or that of your business/art/practice,
tuning into your vision,
as together we drum up beautiful ideas and magical designs
aligned with your soul’s purpose and your vision.

I connect the non-physical understanding of design elements
to your physical execution of the process, in keeping with your unique style,
to convey the message that the soul of your work/project/business is meant to convey to the world.

Now is the best time to remember
and return to your vision…
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Intuitive Design Visualiser & Consultant
Intuitive Content-Writer, Proof-Reader & Editor

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