Inner Realms Journeying

Journey into the realms of your spirit, psyche and soul…

Through Inner Realms Journeying you are led on a transcendental meditative and healing journey into yourself and the otherworlds to retrieve parts of your lost power, retrieve the song of your spirit, to align yourself to your life path, and consequently to experience greater bliss in all aspects of your life.

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What is Inner Realms Journeying

Inner Realms Journeying is a deep guided process where we explore the subconscious and go on a mythic journey into other worlds – a journey of magic & symbols.

We often go through life without understanding how mutltidimensional we are, where most of the other worlds of mystery and myth and our own subconscious are not explored.

Inner Realms Journeying helps you connect with power points within yourself to harness and retrieve lost power, energy and align your heart to your path, so you experience greater bliss in your daily life, and to help you release any blocks you may be experiencing. This is a deep guided journey into your connection to the infinite.

What to expect in an Inner Realms Journeying session

Each Inner Realms Journeying session lasts for 40-60 minutes.

You are to provide me details of your query so I channel, craft and choreograph the material as I am guided to for your individual need.

All sessions are recorded as a sound file to send to you via email.

If you are in seeking of a deeper transition, you can provide me your birth details so I craft the session in keeping with the elements in your life that are in balance and out of balance, to bring deeper alignment.

You can listen to your Inner Realms Journeying session whenever you find the time to do it as this isn’t a live session.

You get to keep the recording, and use it whenever you feel the need to do so.

Each Inner Realms Journey Session is unique to suit your individual life design and query.

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