Healing & the Inward Journey – A conversation between Andy Barve, from the Project Yay! podcast, & Madhura Risley

I met Andy Barve for the first time in Pune, India around 2017.

Andy is the host of the Project Yay! podcast, and is a very creative and versatile soul.
When he’s not styling or writing about fashion, Andy’s reading about it in his favourite magazines. You’ll also find him reading books, listening to a lot of jazz and podcasts, or sketching something random. He’s been a jack of all trades and he’ll try anything and everything once – even a pizza gone bad! He’s curious and loves having conversations about absolutely everything under the sky and it’s no surprise that he started a podcast to share interesting conversations with the world…

Tune into our conversation where Andy and I discuss about my work at Earthkeeper Priestess, parts of my personal journey and the need and importance of healing and living a life in connection with your heart and your inner self.

Join us in a heart-to-heart conversation on Healing & the Inward Journey…

On spiritual ecology, environment and living my truth with Pooja Bhale Project YAY!

From being a city girl to now living the life of a forest-dweller, the story of Pooja Bhale has been one helluva rollercoaster and will evoke nothing but absolute wonderment. She’s a well-known Conservation Biologist by occupation and the mind and heart behind Protectera Ecological Foundation. This conversation about her life was like watching a small seed grow into a beautiful forest, full of abundance.
  1. On spiritual ecology, environment and living my truth with Pooja Bhale
  2. How food and music is interwoven with everything we do with Bhavika Bhatia
  3. #currentlyreading – The Vanishing Half with Palak Yadav
  4. The process of creating original art with Surbhi Jain
  5. Healing ourselves and the inward journey with Madhura Risley
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Recognising the Root and Releasing Patterns of Guilt

How does the pattern of guilt/shame/blame come about in a lot of us in our day to day lives, shrinking us back from our personal power, from being able to greet life with the lightness of being? This pattern stems in infanthood and childhood, often from wounded parenting and societal norms, educational systems, from being taught too much about what is “right” and “wrong” and being punished for it, and made to feel guilty and afraid. So often unknowingly or knowingly it is passed down to children.
When children are in their infant years, their response is often to reciprocate and give back what we give them, you smile, they smile, you laugh, they laugh. When parents or someone else of infleunce in their lives put ideas in their head about guilt (or even energetically convey that), they will take that guilt and often keep it there, ready to give it to you when you are upset with somethig they did “wrong”. And often it remains there well through the adult years as a response to anything that makes them feel bad or makes someone else feel better, because this is the response they have learned to be “right”, when it is actually very damaging.
Life is not about the ideas of right and wrong and making people feel guilty or feeling guilty yourself, this is control and religious dogma, the root of all blame-games, slavery and being cut off from our own sovereignty. This is not something that inspires us to live life beautifully.
In order to really feel and see what the child (or the inner child) needs is to become a child yourself, a child of the universe. To understand and observe everything anew and experience life as what it is, a beautiful adventure, a wonderful mystery, that you and your child both unravel together. Children (or your inner child) are flowers in the garden of Eternity, let those beautiful flowers that bloom be rooted in soils of Compassionate Love and blissful observation.

Sacred Power Symbol for Harmonising, Healing & Regeneration + Oracle Reading + Activation

The symbol discussed here is contained within the
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How does this symbol work?

This symbol assists with you grounding your emotions, keeping in check sudden emotional outbursts of suppressed feelings. It helps you release traumas from lifetimes on a cellular and soul level, and activatesand re-aligns your consciousness with cosmic consciousness, if you feel like you need things in your life to come together quicker by releasing any resistance or fear.

Re-align with what you have wanted to create, and also get to know what was missing or blocking you from aligning yourself with your highest self in order to dare to dream and co-create your life with this symbol (as above so below, as within so without). It opens your doors to perception, where you are able to assess your own progress, connecting you from your lowest chakra to the crown, and bringing a balance to the primordial dance of destruction and creation: mentally, physically and spiritually. Meditating on this symbol will help confront any fear of death, which means it will give you an added motivation to go forth with your projects and your goals without fear of failure. Meditation with this symbol also restores regenerativepowers, and you will find out what is truly important for you, leading to original ideas and breakthrough in matters that have been holding you back. This symbol connects you to ancestral wisdom as you not only play out your own destiny but the one that was seeded by your spiritual ancestors as well as your earthly ancestors.

It stabilizes any erratic energies that have been causing disharmony in your life and allows you to heal: aligning the mental plane with the physical and spiritual. This symbol can alsobe used as a sigil to invoke energies related to the elements of waterand earth and airfor ritual for self-mastery, inner harmony and spiritual vision for creativity.

You are welcome to use this symbol for ritual work, visualization or meditation.


Best wishes!

In Spirit & Love,


Your Free Download

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Sacred Power Symbol
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Activation for Harmonising, Healing & Regeneration

In the free download below, you will receive more information on how to work with this sacred symbol through an oracle reading, an activation of the energies to assist harmonising, healing & regeneration for your highest good at this time.

Healing Relationships – Sacred Symbol + Oracle Reading + Activation

The symbol discussed here is contained within the
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The “relationships” aspect of this symbol is not just about romantic relationships, but relationships of all kinds, and especially your relationship to yourself and the Infinite Source.

When we work, or study something we are forming a relationship to our work or the subject of study, likewise it is to the space we live in, our mind, body, the Self or the Higher Self, spirit guides, the people we know: friends, family, partners, lovers, mentors etc.

The key to understanding relationships, in a healthy way, is to realise that both sides of the relationship are in a state of creation, destroying the old, or that which is redundant and not required for the journeys of the individual person or group, and changing with the flow accordingly to make way for the new, so each can expand beautifully in their fullest expression, and not contort into a lesser version of themselves.

This symbol assists in harmonising and bringing into focus the merging of the masculine and feminine aspects through the wheel of time, whilst at the same time respecting the aspect of space and the changes they bring within us and around us, without forcing unnecessary influencethat can get in the way of the karmic patterns of how a relationship, project, or process unfolds, and yet navigating you through your journey with a sense of centredness and grounding. We are all influenced by the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit: the physical, mental and spiritual. Nothing really acts on its own. This symbol is for helping you deepen and focus your relationship to yourself, your life and whatever else is callingout for healing, space and nurturing.

Another aspect this symbol helps with is the habit of procrastination. People say procrastination comes from laziness. But very often, a lot of procrastination comes from performance pressure and the stress involved with it, which means that it comes from some kind of fear, which appears as laziness on the surface. And we tend to go into a bubble of distractions. The more this bubble is fed the more it expands with the activities that are included in the pattern of procrastination, until it takes a long time to come back to the original driving force and motivation we had to do the task in front of us. Instead of procrastinating or day dreaming, this symbol helps you directly connect to your source of creativity and inspiration and helps youstir into aligned action and manifestingyour dreams. From a place of inertia, it helps in moving forward.

No matter what we do, we are always working with something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Like the tarot card of Temperance, this symbol also helps us engage with aspects that are contrasting in our life and bring them into balance and harmony, clearing any complications. It helps with feelings of resentment, hostility, andhelps temper any extreme emotions in a fiery or cold situation.

It is not just about the starting and the finishing of a project or relationship, but coming to terms and loving acceptance and awareness of the process that happens in the midst of the start and the finish, without too much attachment to the outcome or the things that went “wrong”.

It helps you learn new skills better whilst at the same time bringing into light the skills and talents you naturally possess. This symbol helps reconcile forces that were otherwise at loggerheads, and brings in new insights of how to fit in two opposites without conflict but learn and bring them together in their natural flow.
It inspires you to think of possibilities, helping you de-stress whilst achieving what you have set out to achieve.

Time to release blockages that have been holding you back in your relationships.
De-clutter your inner and outer space.

In Love & Spirit,


Your Free Download

What you will receive in this download:

Sacred Power Symbol
Oracle Reading
Healing & Activation

In the free download below, you will receive more information on how to work with this sacred symbol through an oracle reading, an activation of the energies to assist you and your relationships for your highest good at this time.

The way of the heart is rooted in the present moment

Let go of the clinging attachment to the past.
In the attachment there is a fear of death,
a fear of the annhilation
of the roles and identities,
of the stories we carry of ourselves.
Most of the times they have come from internalising outer dictates,
such as what someone said to you
and your mind chose to anchor into this belief etc.

In order to move forward into a transition of grace,
to tread lighter with new visions
and embracing new cycles
as life is unfolding moment by moment,
meditating in the grace of each moment
like a rose bud blooming out of its shyness,
the journey of your life needs to have as less baggage as possible.

Nothing can sap as much energy as overthinking and cyclic patterns
that arise filled with uncertainty about the future
perjaps because of a fragmented identity of experiencing a fractured reality,
or perhaps wounds calling out to be healed from the past.

We are here to weave new myths,
and remember the stories of our ancestors
through the interwoven songs of the cosmos
Flowing through our blood, DNA and spirit.

Breathe deeply, gently,
remembering that we are as all trees of a garden
breathing together in the sunlight,
and dreaming in the night – together!

The All is eternal,
and that eternal All is rooted in the Now.

Dance lightly to the song of this now.

And remember, if or when you wobble off the way of the Now,
that the traveller’s gaze seeks in the dark skies the guiding brightness of the North Star.
This brightness cannot be seen through the heavy clouds of the mind’s chatter,
but through the vision of your heart.
When you see it from your heart,
the heart itself becomes the way.
The way of the heart is rooted in the present moment.
Breathe in love.
Beathe out compassion.


It is in the purity of your heart and compassionate intentions
that life blossoms into unimaginable Beauty.




Intuitive Singing – Morning after New Moon Night in Gemini – Isis Awakening

From darkness to light, from destruction to the might of compassion, we breathe from this morning. In letting go of the past we make it sacred, in the emerging of each dawn.

“the Great, the Most Excellent, dwelling in the Beautiful Country—the abode of Her brother Osiris, Who comes to life again in Her, She Who renews for Him the body that once was, in Her name of Renewing of Life.” She is invoked as Meshkenet, the Birth Goddess, Hathor, Mistress of Drunkeness and Joy, Tefnut “in the moment of Her wrath,” and Seshet, Lady of Writing and “of the Entire Library.” She is Mut and Mafdet and Meret and Heket. She is the one Who “utters divine decrees, Great of Magic, who rules in the Mansion of Archivists.” She is Excellent of Kindness and unites Herself with Ma’et. She is the Mother of Amun and the Daughter of Re. She is Mighty, Formidable, Beautiful.

In a papyrus known as the Book of Horus—Ptolemaic and probably from Memphis—praises are recorded for a select group of Deities, including Nephthys. There She is called Kindly of Heart, Mistress of Women, the Valiant, the Strong-Armed, Who Begat Horus, Potent of Deeds, the Wise, the Acute of Counsel, and the Sad at Heart.

Interestingly, Her epithets in this papyrus do not parallel those of Isis, Who is In All that Comes Into Being at Her Command, Lady of What Exists, Sharp of Flame, Who Fills the Land with Her Governance, Who Pleases the Gods with What She Says, the Savior, Isis-Bast and Isis-Sakhmet, the Sister of the Great One, Who Comes at Call, and the Living North Wind”

Tatah Param (That-Beyond) ततः परम् Meditation


This is an embodied meditation exercise to get you started on the foundation of Inner Alchemy. Often our mind is full of thoughts and underlying currents of more thoughts, reactions and judgements, that have formed over time, with our relationship to the external world, that are constantly getting in the way of clear observation and honest perception. This meditation is for bringing you into a space where you are connected to the Infinite Void. By practising That-Beyond ‘Tatah Param’ Meditation, you make yourself detached from all identity and drama of the personal meanings you attach to the world around you and yourself and embody a formless void. You become a fine instrument who is capable of receiving and giving from a place of authenticity, as you fine tune your inner senses to connect with your mind in a way that is clear of any prejudices and helps you focus on whatever is in front of you from a beginner’s mind.

The Preparation

If you are doing That-Beyond ‘Tatah Param’ Meditation for the first time, I would recommend setting a timer for 12 minutes.
Sit in a place comfortably with your eyes closed, spine straight and your jaw relaxed. Take three deep breaths and blow them out through your mouth, and begin to relax every part in your body, starting with your toes, your legs, hips, moving upward to your pelvis, muscles in the back, release any tension in your shoulders, hands neck and face. Let go of the stress and immerse yourself in this gentle relaxed state. In doing so, you are connecting with every part in your body with your mind and releasing any mental stress and physical strain. As you do this remain still. With your eyes closed, perhaps, you start to notice every sound around you, the birds, maybe a distant dog barking, the traffic. Pay attention to these sounds and then release this attention to realise they are outside noise and come back to your breath.

Now go deeper and let your thoughts flow, continue to take 4 counts of deep breaths through your nose and 4 out through your nose (Keep up this rhythm of breath throughout your meditation). There is no need to stop the flow of your thoughts. Maybe you are thinking about what you ate, or about your plans, how you will pay your bills, etc. Let these thoughts come and go. Watch them like they are someone else’s thoughts up in the sky as clouds. They come and they go with a wind that you feel isn’t entirely in your control.
Allow yourself to simply become a distant observer for a while and relax deeper without reacting with any emotion to any thought. If you find yourself reacting, don’t go too deep into this reaction or thought and understand that this is simply a mental construct (We will go deeper into these reactions and thoughts in a different exercise). These mental constructs and reactions are coming up because of how we perceive our reality with the beliefs we carry and choose to give them that particular meaning. Understand that this meaning is not the whole truth, and keep breathing.

After you are immersed in an even more relaxed state start to focus on the breath that flows through your nostrils. It comes and it goes. There is a give and a take. A reward and a sacrifice (sacrifice literally means to ‘make sacred’, so even in losing a breath you are actually helping something else grow, and we are in this process night and day; from the moment we are born to the moment your physical body dies.)

The Meditation:

Now start to imagine that you are letting go of any identity that you relate with: your face, your name, the roles you play every day (as a father or mother, a boss, an employee, brother, sister, friend, your gender… allow these roles to melt away. Allow your beliefs to melt away. (These are simply something you have taken on in the world to help you navigate through the 3D reality. Often, a lot of human concepts change as our consciousness grows and there is no right or wrong meaning, because our understanding of it is only through the human perspective and hence limited.)
Begin to meditate on stripping away each and every role and the drama of meaning you give it. Allow yourself to become bodiless. Observe if there is any resistance to let go of some thought or emotion, or some identification. What is this resistance? Every resistance carries in it a charge of fear, let this fear go, and come to a space of complete relaxation.

Now imagine a Formless Void. This Void of Nothingness is full of an all-knowing bliss and love, yet it is empty of ego identifications, patterns, meanings, the chatter of the mind, names and anything to do with the physical reality. It is empty in its form and yet full in its all-knowing and wise, silent love. This is a space which has neither life nor death, yet it is full of Awareness. It is without a beginning and has no end. And this space is within you, acknowledge it and invite it deeper, allow it to permeate every cell in your body as each atom becomes filled with this sweet Nothingness. It is the Infinite that you carry within you. Connect your mind to this formless Infinite Void. Keep on breathing as you connect with this formlessness and become it. Embody its silent wisdom. You are It. Your inner essence is Infinite. It is That-Beyond.
Tatah Param!
You are an eternal being.
Keep breathing in this relaxed state.

Whenever you are ready, open your eyes and return.

The idea is to hold this meditative pose as long as you find It comfortable the first time. Aim to hold it for at least 5 minutes and then go on increasing the duration as you practice this exercise daily, until you go up to 20 minutes. You can even go further. However, up to 5 minutes (excluding the time required for preparation) in the Formless Void state should suffice for what we are about to embark on your Inner Alchemy initiation.

That-Beyond ‘Tatah Param’ Meditation is the first foundation and step of our sacred journey into Inner Alchemy.

Wish you all the best with this sacred journey and be gentle on yourself.

Reflections/Notes for Journalling:


Whilst answering the following questions, feel free to write what you saw and felt as the first thought, image or feeling that arose in you and don’t overthink, over-rationalise or judge it.There is no right or wrong answer.

1. What did you notice the most as you were doing this meditation?

2. How do you feel about the words ‘nothingness’ and ‘void’?

3. Was there any role, identification or emotion that was overwhelming and you couldn’t stop thinking about?

4. Were you able to connect to the Formless Void? How did you feel when you connected with the Formless Void? How did you feel when you embodied its silent wisdom?
5. Could you remain in the state of relaxation for 5 minutes or did you find your mind/body constantly shifting?

6. Feel free to express and write any other comments about your experience of That-Beyond ‘Tatah Param’ Meditation and the whole process.

Soul Seed Mission – A Guided Meditation + Sound Activation

Soul Seed Mission – A Guided Meditation – 0:02 The Soul Seed Mission is a guided meditation, created by Madhura Risley, to help you renew and realign your core self with your soul purpose.

Sound Activation – 8:50
The Sound Activation, with Light Language, is to further evoke and attune your energies with those of the Spirit of Gaia and your Higher Self, to bring into balance your natural rhythm and flow. Relax and enjoy this healing journey to your inner sanctum!

Affirming Evocation:

I am in Divine Alignment with the Source of All That is

And I take these seeds and walk the path of truth,

With perfect centredness and with clear perceptions.

I welcome in the realm of exquisite possibilities

To allow these seeds to grow

In their fullest expression and with Love

In the perfection of becoming

I accept the treasures of these radiant seeds in my heart

Containing my dreams and soul mission

I go forward guided and protected

with the intention of the Highest Good for all and my Self.

Madhura Risley

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