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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing works on the subtle planes that connect the mind, body and spirit in order to establish more flow, balance and health at every level of your being.
This means that it is easier to get to the root of the dis-ease than merely treat its symptoms.

Accessing a nondual spiritual dimension for information where time and space do not exist, where all consciousness is connected as one, energy healing taps into a very pure source of energy which corrects, balances and heals processes on the energetic, subconscious and physical planes – bringing alignment and vibrancy to all mind-body-spirit dynamics for it to thrive at its optimal evolutionary spectrum.

We all have an etheric field (EF) which is constantly informing and manifesting our physical and mental health. Dis-ease begins on the etheric level and then permeates into the subconscious and physical planes, which means that our mind, our thoughts and the beliefs we hold subconsciously can affect our physical health and EF. When the EF is balanced, healthy and bright, we are capable of manifesting more in our life and being more effective in what we do with less effort. This doesn’t mean that a healed and vibrant aura will make things magically appear, but it is that your energy and focus flows towards those elements in alignment with a life of deeper fulfilment, more meaning and a higher destiny. We do not suffer the fate of our shadows.
Inspiration and creativity flow more freely and we are able to live a life full of health and vitality.

Just like every individual has their own EF, so do the organs and systems in our bodies. Each has its own energetic signature that keeps it functioning healthily. Our thoughts and the emotional charge they carry can directly affect our immune system, our health and the design of our lives. Every emotion affects specific organs and hormones. For example, an unhealthy liver can cause mood swings, inability to focus, anger outbursts, and vice versa.

Good health or disease begin in the mind/subconscious and the energy body before it affects the physical body.
Prolonged stress affects the immunity and the quality of our life, making us more prone to disease and disorder.

It is only recently that scientists found out what ancient mystics from India, shamans and sages throughout the world had already known thousands of years ago- that we are not condemned to repeat the destiny of the physical or mental health of our ancestors.

Whilst working with someone, I saw how our DNA is like a big, massive tome of a book. And everybody’s ancestral lineages have several of these books that are passed down to us, and which we in turn pass to our children. Sometimes due to some kind of accident – or physical or mental trauma, our DNA stores these scripts like grammatical errors in an edition of the book. These errors get replicated unless corrective action is taken. With energy healing, it is possible to get to the seeds of discord in the scripts of our DNA to heal them.

One of the main reasons why we are alive is for the evolution of life and consciousness. When our perceptions are filtered and clouded by various false belief systems, and also when our physical body is affected, our experience of reality isn’t wholesome and joyous any more, as it is no more aligned with true awareness and optimal physical health. We are ruled by our fears and prejudices instead of being guided by our love and awareness. Energy healing gently uproots all these false belief systems and corrects the balance on the mental, physical and spiritual levels, so you are able to receive and participate in your life with more centredness, groundedness and joy. This doesn’t mean that you will face no outer challenges, for these themselves are the lessons that we are here to learn to take forward for the sake of your evolution, but it means that you will have the resilience, presence of mind and vitality in body to make decisions and do things that are aligned with your highest potential, despite the challenges.

By healing ourselves, our lives and our stories, we also heal those of the generations that come before and after us.

I offer energy healing for all physical and mental health issues to people in any part of the world, irrespective of gender, age, time or distance, right in the comfort of their own house, or wherever they are.

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Working with Pets & Wildlife

Just like we have an Energy Field (EF), so do other living beings such as plants, animals and birds.

I work with all animals and birds, whether they are pets, rescues, or in zoos, national parks etc. Energy healing helps birds and animals to heal any physical or mental trauma, for their body and spirit to gain more resilience to reconnect with their human family or return to a healthy life in the wilderness.

I offer energy healing for all animals and birds, big and small, young and old, whether it is on a mental and/or physical level.

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What to expect in an
Energy Healing Session

𓂀 All Energy Healing sessions are conducted remotely (online) or in-person.
For remote healing, all that is needed is a photo of only the person/animal/bird that requires healing. The healing can also be done via a video call.

𓂀 Some people feel the subtle energies moving like waves across their body during the session, some people don’t feel anything much during the course of the session, in any case you will feel the effects of the work after the session is complete.

𓂀 You will need to sit or lie down in a quiet comfortable place. Even if you are distracted, it wouldn’t take away the effect of the energy healing. Although, being in a quiet space during the session would help you tune into the session a lot more.

𓂀 Energy Healing is entirely non-intrusive, which means that I don’t physically touch any part of your body.

𓂀 When you book an energy healing session with me, you by default book a 40-60 minute session.

𓂀 Persistent, deep-rooted problems will take more than just one session.
If you need more than one session, the number of sessions will be decided according to your response to the healing.

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Common Benefits of Energy Healing

The benefits of the energy healing session vary from individual to individual. Some people feel great after just one session, whilst some people need more than one session depending upon how deep-rooted the condition is, the amount of time the person has had it and other pre-existing genetic/ancestral conditions.

Please remember that the results you get will entirely depend upon the specific issue we address in our sessions, and that you may experience some or all of the benefits mentioned here. Here below are some common benefits.

𓂀 Clear, calm, happy mind without stress or anxiety

𓂀 Healthier body with healing process sped up

𓂀 Better sleep

𓂀 Reduced symptoms / inflammation and/or healing of chronic physical and/or mental conditions

𓂀 Stronger immune system

𓂀 More energy

𓂀 Harmony within your internal and external worlds and in your overall life

𓂀 Better connection and communication between the mind, body & spirit

𓂀 Improved relationship to the self and others

𓂀 Clearance of any stagnant or discordant energies that are manifesting as negative thought forms, mental disturbance, physical pain, or sickness in the mind and body

𓂀 Groundedness and emotional wellbeing to greet life’s challenges with more strength, resilience and centredness

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Energy Healing

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  • Please know that this offering is not a substitute for any prescribed treatments, medications, or seeing a doctor; so do not discontinue any treatment or medication without consulting your doctor first.
  • After every energy session, make sure to check with your mental/physical health professional about altering medications and/or treatments, if you find that any symptoms/chronic conditions have reduced. Do not tamper with your doses and treatments without consulting your physical/mental health professional first.
  • If you have an accident which requires physical work to be put together, such as a dislocated shoulder, in such cases, please seek out the help of a medical professional immediately. Energy Healing is great to speed up the physical, mental and etheric healing processes only after you have had the required medical treatment, in such cases.

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