Earthkeeper Priestess
is focused on
heart-centred, intuitive practices
holistic healing,
conscious living,
in keeping with
divine feminine wisdom teachings
the sacred vision of our planet.

My work is all about
healing the physical and etheric body connection to the
Self and Mother Nature
bringing individuals in alignment
with the Light
and healing potential within themselves.

*What I Offer:

Energy Healing
(In-Person & Remote)

Womb Healing
(In/-Person & Remote)

Intuitive Guidance

Divination (Currently Unavailable)

Energy Healing for Pets & Wildlife
(In-Person & Remote)

Intuitive Design & Writing
(In-Person & Online)

Ecstatic & Enstatic Embodied Arts
(In-Person & Online)

Earthkeeper Priestess Healing Circle
(In-Person & Online)

Inner Realms Journeying
(In-Person & Online)

* All offerings are conducted online and remotely due to Covid-19

I’m Madhura Risley,
the creatrix of Earthkeeper Priestess.

I’m dedicated to
compassionate heart-centred service and healing.

Veering from my BFA in Visualisation and previous work as a content writer and editor, I had several signs and experiences since my childhood that finally led me to reclaim the path I didn’t realise I had been walking all along, which is that of a
Mystic, Visionary & Healer.

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