The Connection of the Liver to the Throat Chakra – Trauma to Truth

The liver is somehow also connected to the throat chakra. The liver is often where we store anger. When our truth is stifled or we are unable to express ourselves fully, the throat chakra goes out of balance. Not being able to speak your truth or ‘speak up’ in situations leads to resentment and built up anger that gets stored in the liver.

When we experience trauma we often store that as a painful memory, which we then grow to resent over the years. We fear any association that comes close to it. This is a direct disservice to the process of the expansion and evolution of our consciousness and spirit.

Love expands. Fear contracts.

When we are afraid of something we choose to not look at it out of fear or the discomfort of going through the same painful feelings. But when looked at with courage and from many angles taking into consideration all the people, their history, and the subconscious elements within you that created the situation, we are able to understand the experience. If we understand that we have chosen our lessons with the choices we make in each lifetime and in the present moment, we are in a better position to understand the light and shadows that dwell within us.

Respect is almost like looking at something again, re – spect, but not just looking at it, really seeing it for what it is. When you are able to look at a traumatic experience with that same equanimity and understanding of your role in the past or the future through the present, there is an inner transformation that happens. In understanding a pattern, we may then choose to repeat it or not repeat it.

Speak your truth to yourself, breathe through the feelings that may be uncomfortable, and always keep in sight the greater vision you hold for yourself and the world.



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