Healing & the Inward Journey – A conversation between Andy Barve, from the Project Yay! podcast, & Madhura Risley

I met Andy Barve for the first time in Pune, India around 2017.

Andy is the host of the Project Yay! podcast, and is a very creative and versatile soul.
When he’s not styling or writing about fashion, Andy’s reading about it in his favourite magazines. You’ll also find him reading books, listening to a lot of jazz and podcasts, or sketching something random. He’s been a jack of all trades and he’ll try anything and everything once – even a pizza gone bad! He’s curious and loves having conversations about absolutely everything under the sky and it’s no surprise that he started a podcast to share interesting conversations with the world…

Tune into our conversation where Andy and I discuss about my work at Earthkeeper Priestess, parts of my personal journey and the need and importance of healing and living a life in connection with your heart and your inner self.

Join us in a heart-to-heart conversation on Healing & the Inward Journey…

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Based in the 1980s America, None Shall Sleep by Ellie Marney, an award winning crime author, is a rip-roaring psychological thriller about a team of two teenagers hired by the FBI to track down juvenile serial killers. This one’s definitely bringing the chill before winter! Rating – 4/5
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