Recognising the Root and Releasing Patterns of Guilt

How does the pattern of guilt/shame/blame come about in a lot of us in our day to day lives, shrinking us back from our personal power, from being able to greet life with the lightness of being? This pattern stems in infanthood and childhood, often from wounded parenting and societal norms, educational systems, from being taught too much about what is “right” and “wrong” and being punished for it, and made to feel guilty and afraid. So often unknowingly or knowingly it is passed down to children.
When children are in their infant years, their response is often to reciprocate and give back what we give them, you smile, they smile, you laugh, they laugh. When parents or someone else of infleunce in their lives put ideas in their head about guilt (or even energetically convey that), they will take that guilt and often keep it there, ready to give it to you when you are upset with somethig they did “wrong”. And often it remains there well through the adult years as a response to anything that makes them feel bad or makes someone else feel better, because this is the response they have learned to be “right”, when it is actually very damaging.
Life is not about the ideas of right and wrong and making people feel guilty or feeling guilty yourself, this is control and religious dogma, the root of all blame-games, slavery and being cut off from our own sovereignty. This is not something that inspires us to live life beautifully.
In order to really feel and see what the child (or the inner child) needs is to become a child yourself, a child of the universe. To understand and observe everything anew and experience life as what it is, a beautiful adventure, a wonderful mystery, that you and your child both unravel together. Children (or your inner child) are flowers in the garden of Eternity, let those beautiful flowers that bloom be rooted in soils of Compassionate Love and blissful observation.

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