Sacred Power Symbol for Harmonising, Healing & Regeneration + Oracle Reading + Activation

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How does this symbol work?

This symbol assists with you grounding your emotions, keeping in check sudden emotional outbursts of suppressed feelings. It helps you release traumas from lifetimes on a cellular and soul level, and activatesand re-aligns your consciousness with cosmic consciousness, if you feel like you need things in your life to come together quicker by releasing any resistance or fear.

Re-align with what you have wanted to create, and also get to know what was missing or blocking you from aligning yourself with your highest self in order to dare to dream and co-create your life with this symbol (as above so below, as within so without). It opens your doors to perception, where you are able to assess your own progress, connecting you from your lowest chakra to the crown, and bringing a balance to the primordial dance of destruction and creation: mentally, physically and spiritually. Meditating on this symbol will help confront any fear of death, which means it will give you an added motivation to go forth with your projects and your goals without fear of failure. Meditation with this symbol also restores regenerativepowers, and you will find out what is truly important for you, leading to original ideas and breakthrough in matters that have been holding you back. This symbol connects you to ancestral wisdom as you not only play out your own destiny but the one that was seeded by your spiritual ancestors as well as your earthly ancestors.

It stabilizes any erratic energies that have been causing disharmony in your life and allows you to heal: aligning the mental plane with the physical and spiritual. This symbol can alsobe used as a sigil to invoke energies related to the elements of waterand earth and airfor ritual for self-mastery, inner harmony and spiritual vision for creativity.

You are welcome to use this symbol for ritual work, visualization or meditation.


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