The way of the heart is rooted in the present moment

Let go of the clinging attachment to the past.
In the attachment there is a fear of death,
a fear of the annhilation
of the roles and identities,
of the stories we carry of ourselves.
Most of the times they have come from internalising outer dictates,
such as what someone said to you
and your mind chose to anchor into this belief etc.

In order to move forward into a transition of grace,
to tread lighter with new visions
and embracing new cycles
as life is unfolding moment by moment,
meditating in the grace of each moment
like a rose bud blooming out of its shyness,
the journey of your life needs to have as less baggage as possible.

Nothing can sap as much energy as overthinking and cyclic patterns
that arise filled with uncertainty about the future
perjaps because of a fragmented identity of experiencing a fractured reality,
or perhaps wounds calling out to be healed from the past.

We are here to weave new myths,
and remember the stories of our ancestors
through the interwoven songs of the cosmos
Flowing through our blood, DNA and spirit.

Breathe deeply, gently,
remembering that we are as all trees of a garden
breathing together in the sunlight,
and dreaming in the night – together!

The All is eternal,
and that eternal All is rooted in the Now.

Dance lightly to the song of this now.

And remember, if or when you wobble off the way of the Now,
that the traveller’s gaze seeks in the dark skies the guiding brightness of the North Star.
This brightness cannot be seen through the heavy clouds of the mind’s chatter,
but through the vision of your heart.
When you see it from your heart,
the heart itself becomes the way.
The way of the heart is rooted in the present moment.
Breathe in love.
Beathe out compassion.


It is in the purity of your heart and compassionate intentions
that life blossoms into unimaginable Beauty.




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