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The “relationships” aspect of this symbol is not just about romantic relationships, but relationships of all kinds, and especially your relationship to yourself and the Infinite Source.

When we work, or study something we are forming a relationship to our work or the subject of study, likewise it is to the space we live in, our mind, body, the Self or the Higher Self, spirit guides, the people we know: friends, family, partners, lovers, mentors etc.

The key to understanding relationships, in a healthy way, is to realise that both sides of the relationship are in a state of creation, destroying the old, or that which is redundant and not required for the journeys of the individual person or group, and changing with the flow accordingly to make way for the new, so each can expand beautifully in their fullest expression, and not contort into a lesser version of themselves.

This symbol assists in harmonising and bringing into focus the merging of the masculine and feminine aspects through the wheel of time, whilst at the same time respecting the aspect of space and the changes they bring within us and around us, without forcing unnecessary influencethat can get in the way of the karmic patterns of how a relationship, project, or process unfolds, and yet navigating you through your journey with a sense of centredness and grounding. We are all influenced by the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit: the physical, mental and spiritual. Nothing really acts on its own. This symbol is for helping you deepen and focus your relationship to yourself, your life and whatever else is callingout for healing, space and nurturing.

Another aspect this symbol helps with is the habit of procrastination. People say procrastination comes from laziness. But very often, a lot of procrastination comes from performance pressure and the stress involved with it, which means that it comes from some kind of fear, which appears as laziness on the surface. And we tend to go into a bubble of distractions. The more this bubble is fed the more it expands with the activities that are included in the pattern of procrastination, until it takes a long time to come back to the original driving force and motivation we had to do the task in front of us. Instead of procrastinating or day dreaming, this symbol helps you directly connect to your source of creativity and inspiration and helps youstir into aligned action and manifestingyour dreams. From a place of inertia, it helps in moving forward.

No matter what we do, we are always working with something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Like the tarot card of Temperance, this symbol also helps us engage with aspects that are contrasting in our life and bring them into balance and harmony, clearing any complications. It helps with feelings of resentment, hostility, andhelps temper any extreme emotions in a fiery or cold situation.

It is not just about the starting and the finishing of a project or relationship, but coming to terms and loving acceptance and awareness of the process that happens in the midst of the start and the finish, without too much attachment to the outcome or the things that went “wrong”.

It helps you learn new skills better whilst at the same time bringing into light the skills and talents you naturally possess. This symbol helps reconcile forces that were otherwise at loggerheads, and brings in new insights of how to fit in two opposites without conflict but learn and bring them together in their natural flow.
It inspires you to think of possibilities, helping you de-stress whilst achieving what you have set out to achieve.

Time to release blockages that have been holding you back in your relationships.
De-clutter your inner and outer space.

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