Soul Seed Mission – A Guided Meditation + Sound Activation

Soul Seed Mission – A Guided Meditation – 0:02 The Soul Seed Mission is a guided meditation, created by Madhura Risley, to help you renew and realign your core self with your soul purpose.

Sound Activation – 8:50
The Sound Activation, with Light Language, is to further evoke and attune your energies with those of the Spirit of Gaia and your Higher Self, to bring into balance your natural rhythm and flow. Relax and enjoy this healing journey to your inner sanctum!

Affirming Evocation:

I am in Divine Alignment with the Source of All That is

And I take these seeds and walk the path of truth,

With perfect centredness and with clear perceptions.

I welcome in the realm of exquisite possibilities

To allow these seeds to grow

In their fullest expression and with Love

In the perfection of becoming

I accept the treasures of these radiant seeds in my heart

Containing my dreams and soul mission

I go forward guided and protected

with the intention of the Highest Good for all and my Self.

Madhura Risley

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